Physiotherapy in Romania

Registration is subject to approval by the Ministry of National Education of Romania , issuing a student visa, valid for the entire duration of your studies. This letter of acceptance or student visa is issued under the authority of the Ministry. For this it is necessary to create a folder for your associates degree bachelor of which must be recorded in Bucharest.

Studies in Romania Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy training in Romania
Romanian universities that porposent training physiotherapist or physiotherapy training in Romania are:
- Training in Physiotherapy at the UMF "Carol Davila" - Bucharest
- Training Physiotherapy in the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport - Bucharest
- Training in Physiotherapy at the University of Timisoara
- Training in Physiotherapy at the University of Iasi ;
- Training in Physiotherapy at the University of Cluj
- Training in Physiotherapy at the University of Arad;
- Training in Physiotherapy at the University of Bacau

Training curriculum of Physiotherapists in Romania
physical therapies studies in Romania are three cycles according to the Bologna Process:
• Undergraduate: university degree: 3 years
• Second cycle: Master academic studies: 3 years
• Third cycle: university PhD: 3 years.

Curriculum of physiotherapists License
The curriculum of physiotherapists License by different universities:
• 3 years physiotherapy: ex Iasi;
• 1 year 2 years + Physiotherapy common core in Physiotherapy and Physical Education and Sport.

Physiotherapy Profession

Physiotherapy profession in the health sector both public and private:
Graduates of physiotherapy in Romania are very competitive both in Romania and throughout Europe and even delas ... and thanks to the program designed in accordance with the requirements of the European Union. Thus, the majority of students who graduate from universities Romanian manage to easily install and start their business. Future physiotherapists who graduated Romanian schools are popular in countries like France, England, Canada, Greece, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates ...
Physiotherapists outgoing physio Romanian schools can operate in different sectors of activities: in hospitals, in private practice physiotherapy in rehabilitations centers ....

How physiotherapy training in Romania?
Training Physiotherapy is in Romanian language. But the majority of universities offer a preparatory year so that students wishing strange to study in Romania can join.
conditions of enrollment in the first year of physiotherapy are identical to an entry in the first year of medicine that is say without competition and easy file selection.
For those who have skills in Romanian language, it is possible to skip the first year of physiotherapy without the mandatory year ...


Medical studies in Romania: Why?

The system of medical education (general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy etc). Has more advantages compared to the French system or other Western countries without competition but admission folder selection, to move to the next grade just validate examinations 60-150 students / year / faculty speaking instead of 2000, small groups of a dozen people to the work practices of first year; direct access to professors and lecturers for consultation, mutual aid between old and new students, weekly checks encouraging students to study regularly without waiting for the last days of examinations, can change the faculty, etc.. Students are better monitored and encouraged to learn.

Unlike studies of health (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy ..) in other countries where the selection at the end of the common first year Health Studies (PACES) is becoming increasingly difficult.
The selection of students by application , all students with a bachelor's degree or equivalent have a chance to be admitted. Having made ​​one or two years of medicine in your country is not a limiting factor in medical education in Romania, on the contrary you can start your first year with a solid foundation.

Students who have already begun or completed health studies or studies related to those health (biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, etc..) Also can benefit from the evaluation of ECTS credits earned. Allowing them not to repeat material already validated in their country if the analytical program is. The number of students from the first year to the second year exceeds 80%.



The registration in medical study is made without competition

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How to study in Romania

Administrative procedures, acceptance letter, tuition fees, Help and advice ...

Students wishing to study in Romania can apply directly to universities in Romania. Obtaining a letter of acceptance and payment of tuition fees are the main requirements for obtaining a student visa (for international students citizens of countries of the EU, EEA and Switzerland) .

Methodology admission to study in Romania is established by the Romanian universities (modality admission written test / oral or folder selection, entrance exams, admission schedule sessions etc..) Under the auspices of the Ministry education.

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