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- the equivalence of your diploma from the Ministry of Education National Romanian
- Student Visa Romania. ..

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IASI, a university town:

How to study medicine in Romania : you can do medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in Romania in English, French or Romanian.
Enrolment in medical field in Romania requires the approval of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth Sport and Romanian. It is issued by the department a student visa which will be valid for the duration of your studies.

Approaches to the study in Romania consist in preparing a dossier of scientific baccalaureate equivalence (S series) and its registration in Bucharest by a person who vouches for the student.

The Ministry of Education , Research, Youth and Sport calls for periods ranging from 3 to 4 weeks depending on the situation.

Note that these steps can be carried out by the faculty itself, but because of time, many students can not register due to lack of student visas issued in time.

The second step of this entry is the pre-university enrollment .

The last step is the registration record of the student's enrollment before school starts in September. to see the calendar entries in Romania .



How to study in Romania

Administrative procedures, acceptance letter, tuition fees, Help and advice ...

Students wishing to study in Romania can apply directly to universities in Romania. Obtaining a letter of acceptance and payment of tuition fees are the main requirements for obtaining a student visa (for international students citizens of countries of the EU, EEA and Switzerland) .

Methodology admission to study in Romania is established by the Romanian universities (modality admission written test / oral or folder selection, entrance exams, admission schedule sessions etc..) Under the auspices of the Ministry education.

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- Assistance in obtaining residence permits and student card.
- Assistance pour touver un logement.

Our services

- Assistance in obtaining study visa required to study in Romania.
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- Presentation of the city and the local environment.

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