How to apply?

Enrollment of Medicine in Romania are often difficult (language barrier and distance) and it is not easy to find his bearings in a country that is not known.
Through our team, you can quickly make your registration medicine in Romania without moving.

All our services will be charged according to the package selected:

Approach university enrollment in Romania
Includes: receipt of your application, send the file and obtaining the registration letter.

Approach university enrollment in Romania + provision of accommodation on site
Includes: finding accommodation, rental formalities and accompanying installation.

Includes: provision of courses and followed during the year if necessary.


The payment is made ​​in two installments:
- A deposit of 250 euros which will allow us to begin the first steps.
- The rest will be needed when your registration will be final.

- Each university charges fees case management will be at your expense. (Cluj: 250 euro, Iasi ... 100 euro for the year 2012-2013)

Paiement d'un acompte

Student transfer in Romania
Transfer of medical studies in Romania

Administrative procedures, acceptance letter, tuition fees, Help and advice ...

To transfer his case to medical study in Romania

The transfer of medical school in a third country in Romania or the transfer of students doing medical studies in a foreign medical school (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria ...) in Romania is feasible in the case of students between the second year and penultimate year of their studies, provided they make examinations difference (compared analytical programs from your home university and the university where you are applying).

The deadline for filing applications for transfer to medical school in Romania varies between universities. The deadline to file differs from one university to another. Some universities accept transfer files until July, others until September. There are even those where records must be filed before August. The final results will be confirmed in October after the filing of the original documents. It is noted that during the academic year transfers are not accepted.

Students who are enrolled following a transfer often have support for some exams disciplines. That because of the differences between the analytical programs of the universities of origin and destination. These students have an obligation to support and pass the respective examinations during the first year from the time of enrollment in the faculty is final.

Based educational programs (curricula, programs, analytical) and academic status will be established:

  • - The recognition and equivalence of examinations already supported on the basis of reciprocity,
  • - Examinations difference
  • - In what year the student is registered,
  • - The period of viva examinations difference.

If the student does not pass all his examinations difference during the specified period, it will be impossible to pass the year greater, it will be considered as repeaters.

The university establishes, for all categories of transfer students, fees for tests of difference and additional educational activities (lectures, practical work, clinical placements). Studies performed there over 6 years do not have equivalence in Romania.

Terms for equivalence of studies medical in Romania

The content of the subjects studied (as evidenced by the analytical program ) and the duration of the subjects studied (certified by the Education Plan ) must be at least 75% with the analytical program and the teaching plan of the University of Medicine Home.

For the rest, we must consider each application on a case by case basis.

Documents necessary for the equivalence of medical studies in Romania

  • - The proof of education with test results supported,
  • - The education plan,
  • - The analytical program for each subject for which equivalence is requested,
  • - The explanatory note on the official rating system applied in the teaching unit where he studied, as well as the correspondence of this system with that of ECTS,

All documents to apply for equivalence studies may be submitted once. It is not allowed to complete records later.

European system of credit transfer

&The European system of transfer and accumulation of credits is a scoring system developed by the European Union, which aims to facilitate reading and comparing the curricula of different European countries. The abbreviation ECTS, English abbreviation of European Credit Transfer System is the term most commonly used for practical reasons.

This system allows you to assign points to all the components of a curriculum based on the workload performed by the student. It thus offers better readability European national curriculum, and is thereby a tool complementary to the Diploma Supplement, facilitating the mobility of a country to another and from one institution to another.

The basic rule of this system of points being "1 year = 60 credits" and "1 = 25 to 30 credit hours of work", it therefore assumes that any year of training requires the same overall time work, 10%, regardless of the actual length of the year (25 weeks, 35 weeks internship during summer vacation, etc..) and the number of teaching hours in the week (from 15 to 30 h h of course).

This point system is not subject to certification, so any higher education institution may grant credit without checking the quality of teaching. ECTS is thus primarily a quantitative measurement system, however, limited by the rule "1 year = 60 credits," and not qualitative.

Some post-degree courses such as Master specialized depart from the rule of 60 ECTS credits (a Specialized Master CGE corresponds to 75 ECTS).

In Romania, as in many European countries, grade is represented by 60 credits (30 credits per semester). All six years of studying Medicine is, therefore, 360 credits. Credits are awarded to students who have completed all of the academic unit (participation in courses, workshops, tutorials, homework or on-site assessments, examinations).


ECTS provides some important opportunities for students:

- Mobility in Europe including as recipients of Erasmus and Socrates

- Ensuring the full recognition of study periods in various European universities

- Recognition of qualifications across Europe,

- Offer diverse academic, students can choose according to their needs and according to their interests

- The possibility of comparing bids from academic curricula of universities.

Thus, students who began their medical studies in other countries and who wish to transfer the medical university in Romania may continue their medical studies in Romania. Materials already validated in the home university take for granted. Our goal is a high quality service in all our efforts to satisfy you.

Our services

- Inform you of all offers university in Romania.
- Assistance in obtaining the letter of acceptance issued by the Ministry of National Education Romania essential to undertake studies in Romania.
- Assistance in obtaining residence permits and student card.
- Assistance pour touver un logement.

Our services

- Assistance in obtaining study visa required to study in Romania.
- Welcome the arrival of future student in Romania.
- Assistance in the steps of opening a bank account.
- Presentation of the city and the local environment.

- And other support...


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about your studies in Romania.

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