Situated in the extreme north-eastern Romania , one of the three historical regions of Romania (Transylvania and Wallachia). The city lies on the Bahlui, a tributary of the Jijia, which empties into the Prut. It runs on seven hills, with an altitude ranging from 40 m in the basin and 400 m Bahlui hills and Paun Repedea. The main hills are Copou, Tatarasi and Galata.


Average annual temperatures range from 0 degrees (at the top of the mountains of Suceava) at 9.6 and 9.8 degrees in plain Ia? Bîrlad and i. Romania has a continental climate with very pronounced. The winters are long and harsh (about -20 ° C) and hot summers (30 ° C). Spring and autumn are short but nice.

Institutions and place

The Church of the Three Hierarchs, a testament to the aesthetic tastes of the great ruler Basil the Wolf - the Metropolitan Cathedral - the Palace of Culture - the house with Pogor Table Umbrellas - Copou the aisles with scents of lime - the echoes of the poem Eminesco Linden, without forgetting the Mihai Eminescu Museum


The city has a network of trams eight lines that extend over 76km

Iasi, university town

Romania is located in the south-eastern Central Europe. With an area of ​​approximately 238,000 km ² and a population of 22.5 million inhabitants, it is one of the medium-sized countries of Europe. Romania is close to Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and the Black Sea. Romania joined the European Union in 2007.

Iasi was long the only university city of Moldova. The foundations of the university was laid in 1640 by Vasile Lupu who founded a monastery at Academic College of the Three Hierarchs.

The university was inaugurated by Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza in 1860. The first foreign language then French.
Iasi is currently the largest student city after Bucharest and has approximately 40,000 students.
addition to private universities, there are 7 major universities in Iasi

- University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr.T.Popa
- University of Arts and Humanities Alexandru Ioan Cuza
- Technical University Gheorghe Asachi
- Agricultural University Ion Ionescu de la Brad
- Academy of Fine Art George Enescu
- Institute of Orthodox Theology
- Catholic Institute of Theology.



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