Tuition fees for studies in Romania

Romania is a country where education costs are not very high. Tuition fees for foreign citizens are provided in the Government Decision no. 22/29.08.2009. These fees are minimal and the final values ​​will be established by each university. In general, they vary from 3600 to 5000 euros the year.

Indeed, although the education system in Romania is under the Ministry of Education , it is the university Senate decides the final value fees, in accordance to the law, as the terms payment in full or in installments.
Generally, for the first registration, you must pay tuition in one installment. For older students, the payment can be made ​​in two installments at the beginning of each semester.

Field of education
postgraduate, PhD
Technical, agricultural, science, mathematics, sports
270 € / month
290 € / month
350 € / month
370 € / month
Humanities, economy
220 € / month
240 euros / month
Medicine, pharmacy
320 (360, 500) € / month
340 (360, 500) € / month
Music and Arts
420 euros / month
440 € / month
Music performance, theater
750 € / month
€ 770 / month
950 € / month
€ 970 / month

For example tuition fees for students registered by the analysis of personal records, at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi during the academic year 2012-2013 are € 5,000 for the programs of General Medicine, dentistry .
Reception of students
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Cost of living in Romania

The food is cheap and generally good in Eastern Europe, and public transportation is inexpensive.

Iasi is a city more affordable than in other cities of Romania, including Bucharest. With 400 to 500 euro per month (about 1800 to 2250 lei) can cover all expenses, including :

- Accommodation: 150 to 200 euro per month for a studio.
- Meals: 150 to 200 euro per month If you prefer to eat in the city, you'll waste more, but if you cook in the residence, you will spend less. A meal at the restaurant, including a pizza juice cost 4-5 euro.
- Transport: about 12 euro (60 lei) by a line of public transport (bus or tram)
- Other expenses (water + electricity + gas + Internet )
- Other expenses: 100 to 150 euro per month If you go out in the city, you can choose between going to the movies, have a good time in a coffee shop or club. Multiplex cinema tickets cost about 3 euros (12 lei), a theater ticket 02.05 Euro (10 RON) and a night in the city about 7 euros (35 lei) (pizza, juice and beer).



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